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Podcasters, it’s here - the podcasting platform that ticks all the boxes

Whooshkaa understands you. We know that you want to focus on producing great audio shows, so we’ve taken care of the rest

  • Whooshkaa operates on the best tech available. And it’s a free platform, so you’ll never see a hosting bill again
  • With Whooshkaa you can monetise your podcast, generating advertising revenue with each download
  • Our detailed analytics show you who’s listening to each episode, how they are listening, where they are listening and how long they are listening
  • We take care of the ads with messages that fit your audience, leaving you to focus on the good stuff: creating your podcast. You can even choose where we insert the ads
  • Grow your audience by sharing shows easily and instantly on social media. Disseminate your best work through Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Google or email
  • Share your podcast on other sites using our embeddable player
  • Import your whole back catalogue quickly and easily and synchronise with iTunes
  • Whooshkaa welcomes the world. We partner with independent podcasters, businesses, bloggers, traditional media, celebrities – everyone with something to say
  • Record your shows with the support of Whooshkaa’s production team in our Sydney studios, or create them at your place and upload to the Whooshkaa platform

“Instead of podcasters paying hosting fees to make their shows available, they can post their shows for free on Whooshkaa and collect the lion’s share of any advertising they attract"